Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dayton Air Show

Last weekend we took our crew to the annual Dayton Air Show. We had a great time!

Last year it had been SO hot and humid, we sought refuge in the shade of the huge planes every chance we got. This year was the opposite. As we were walking to the entrance we stopped and considered going home because it was in the 60's and drizzling.

Luckily Fred made the call to stay (lucky for him that the weather improved) and it ended up being a lot of fun :)

Fred heard that this year the Brazilian air force had one of their elite fighter squadrons participating in our Air Show (they do every 2 years). They did incredible stunts in the air and we had fun talking to them at their booth. When we approached their display I had Charla say "Bom Dia!" (good day, in Portuguese) and all the pilots were just tickled.

We bribed the kids into behaving by promising them that they could pick one of the kiddy attractions- they had a blast in the bouncy castle with slide- the guy overseeing it was cool and let them play a good 15 minutes, since it wasn't too crowded!

(my boys on the C-17- Gregory had his hands on his ears pretty much the entire time we were there)

(they cut out Leora!)

(this picture cracks me up- it's set up by the Marine recruiters- I thought it looked like a big, buff guy kneeling and saying a prayer!)

The Olsen Complimentary Limo Service I wasn't aware we offered until walking back to the car.