Thursday, July 23, 2009

Father's Day Post (a bit overdue)

OK, so this is a month and 2 days overdue. But in the interest of this being our family journal, I really wanted to include it :)

Before my mom and sisters got here for their 6-week stay, Fred had expressed how much he'd like a place to retreat from the estrogen. After several failed attempts to conquer the garage, he abandoned the idea... leaving things open for me to come up with a stellar Father's Day gift!

Thus was born, Fred's Man Cave.

(about to enter the garage from inside the house)

I picked up a small fridge off Craigslist, a couple folding chairs, and a work light. He'd been wanting saw horses and a work table, so I fashioned a work table with 2 new saw horses and a sturdy 3x5 sheet of wood. I rigged up our 2 fans to blow in on his corner of the garage where it was all set up, by the TV he already hooked up.

The real treat was in the fridge and served for dinner. We found this amazing, ENORMOUS super-store called Jungle Jim's, north of Cincinnati. It's like a glorified Trader Joe's- AMAZING :) It has a huge international section (several long aisles German food *grin*). I found a good lute of Brazilian food and goodies and, most of all, the Brazillion soda Guarana Antartica.

(he didn't realize he was squishing the cold soda can against Kai's face- poor baby!)

I set it all up (in the garage I organized and cleaned up) while Fred was banished to our bedroom with his laptop, the Star War's Legos game, and a captive audience (Gregory) while he played it. When he came down, we led him into the garage- he was blown away! Desired reaction achieved!

We enjoyed a yummy dinner of arroz (rice), feijoada (well, just beans), farinha (a sort of grainy meal you sprinkle on the rice and beans), pao de queijo (yummy cheese bread balls, I made fresh), milho (corn), queijo (cheese), and bananas (bananas), with cold Guarana. For dessert we had an assortment of Brazillion cookies.

It was SOOO yummy and, most importantly, he loved it.

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