Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kai's Blessing Day

You'd think with all the extra hands in this house I would be updating my blog more often! I just really enjoy hanging out with them, so blogging gets bumped down my list of priorities.

Sunday morning Fred blessed our sweet lil' Kai. We felt SO loved! My dad's youngest sister and her family drove up from Cincinnati, Fred's Aunt Sally and her husband Ralph drove here from upstate New York, and Fred's dad flew here from Tucson! Of course there were also my mom and 3 sisters. It was a great crowd!

The blessing was beautiful. It was fun having my cute lil' cousins with me in Primary- they are great singers! Even aunt Sally hung out with us for the first 1/2 of Primary and got all into the songs with the rest of the kids. I love being corny with the little ones :)

(best family pic we could squeeze out of our 4)

(attempting to reason with them)


After church we caravaned back to our place and everyone pitched in to help make a great lunch. Altogether we had 26 people in our house! It was awesome! Kai got passed around and adored- he really handled it pretty well!

(Chow time! fresh fruit and veggies and supreme nachos!)

(My adorable cousin Madeleine- she will be one of the best babysitters ever someday!)

(My aunt April with 2 of her kids, Ethan and Madeline- I LOVE having them just an hour away!)

(Charla zonked out under the serving table- it was an exhausting day!)

(sleepy men)

(one of Kai's favorite spots- on Uncle Ralph)

(Uncle Ralph and Aunt Sally)

It was such a wonderful day! I felt so blessed to be surrounded by loving friends and family celebrating tiny Kai and his special day. My mom was a saint and sewed his blessing outfit (I cut it out and did the buttons). Fabric for the vest was left over from my baptism gown that she had sewn me, 18 years ago. The same fabric is in the gown we blessed the girls in, along with the last of the fabric from my mom's wedding gown. I know it's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but it was super special to me. I must say, he was one good lookin' little charmer!


Jeremy and Trish Olsen said...

i so excited you finally were able to put these pictures up :) Hes such a sweet looking baby as i am sure he really is. :) i am happy you guys were able to have so Many family members there :) what a blessing that is :) the outfit turned out great :)

giaJolique said...

the pics are so cute! I just love em! And I'm relieved to see, that you are doing fine! Kai is really the perfect addition to your lovely family!

And Inga is such a beautiful young lady!

Hope to hear of you soon! big kiss, sandy

Charity Brown said...

awww! he is soooo cute! i love that little outfit! how special that it was made from your two dresses! glad you guys had such a great time!

Shawna said...

i'm glad the day went so well! He is adorable! The outfit turned out great :) can't wait to fill up your house again in a month!

The Baker Family said...

What a great looking family! Congrats Debbie, he's adorable.