Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hot Chocolate in July

OK, so maybe it was more like "warm chocolate", but today was definitely conducive to a heated, yummy drink!

The property management kindly sent out the exterminator today, in response to last week's spider adventure. Since we have a newborn, they recommended leaving the house for about 3 hours after they sprayed the poison.

Fred had the van, so when the bug man showed up, I threw some rain gear on the kids and the stroller and headed to my friend, Crystal's house. We visited for about 3 hours and then ventured home. The high for today should be 67, but the kids insisted they were cold by the time we got home. So I humored them with hot chocolate.

Now my house is clean (from getting ready for the bug man), the bugs should be dying as I type, 2 kids are peacefully sleeping, and it's raining outside- near perfection :)

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