Thursday, July 16, 2009

This Morning...

I just thought I'd post some highlights from this morning.

Breakfast on the table. Kai got a close-up look at breakfast. It was so cute! When my sister Inga (now 16) was a baby, we would lay her in the middle of the table while we ate or hung out there. Maybe we'll carry on that tradition with our #4...

I got a good laugh when Charla sauntered into the kitchen, her blanket tied like a cape around her neck, glittery fairy wings on, chatting away on her "cell phone"- actually a little digital alarm clock that closes in on itself.

The most terrifying thing this morning (we have a quota to fill... just kidding) was my battle with the monstrous spider in the living room. I considered taking a picture of it before making my attempt to kill it, but was afraid of scaring it away.

The thing was huge! It would have spanned the diameter of my open palm IF I ever had the nerve to hold one. I wanted to make sure I could take it out in one swat, so I moved the furniture away from the wall so I could pull over a chair to stand on to reach it (near the ceiling, on the wall). I firmly grabbed my sneaker and gauged the blow. With all my might I hit at it... didn't have much effect. So I hit again A piece of it stuck to the wall and the rest plummeted to the carpet... where it promptly popped up and scurried under the couch. AAAAGH!!

I ordered the kids onto the other couch and scooped Kai up off the floor and put him in the swing. I probably looked pretty comical, perched on the easy chair, a toy sword in hand vacuum hose in the other, poking around at the clutter by the couch.

Long story short, I called maintenance who sent over the exterminator. We never found the elusive arachnid, but we're now scheduled to get the house sprayed on Wednesday. I'm clinging to the theory that spiders only bite when provoked, so hopefully it's not a vengeful spider, and will just go on his merry way- outside.

(these 2 fell asleep while we hunted the spider)

Right after the exterminator left, Charla suddenly shrieked, "A SPIDER!" and she pointed a shaking finger across the room. I tensed, and then laughed when I saw she was pointing at the computer screen. I had found a picture of a spider that looked just like the one on my wall (a wolf spider). Brave Gregory cautiously approached the computer screen to verify that it wasn't the real thing.

Now it's afternoon. I hope lunch will be uneventful.


Jeremy and Trish Olsen said...

thats pretty funny! i love the first picture of kai :)

Lisa said...

I am killing roaches everyday, ugh.

The Baker Family said...

Hey Debbie! I had a good chat with your mom yesterday about you and i miss you so much. I'm so bumbed you guys left Tucson, just when I was comming back. I'll have to come out and visit sometime to see how you guys are all doing. We miss you. Your baby is adorable. Nikki