Friday, July 24, 2009

Pioneer Olsen Girls

As Primary chorister, I decided to seize an opportunity to go a little over the top. Lately, I've been looking for sewing projects to help use up my hoard of fabric... so I can justify buying more. You definitely need lots of fabric when sewing pioneer clothes!

(unfortunately, the dress made me look about 20 pounds heavier- ech)

(definitely one of my all-time favorite pictures!)

I came to church this past Sunday in regular church clothes, but changed into my pioneer dress right before the kids got to Primary. It was so fun seeing their faces when they saw me, in my billowing dress, apron and bonnet!

It turned out to be SO fun! I brought several quilts that we had the children sit on for singing time. I'd drawn our "trek" west. We started our little handcart picture at Camp Zion, moved to Prophet Peak, down to Child of God Canyon, way up Scripture Power Mountain, and unto the Salt Lake Valley to the temple, with songs and stories along the way. I had sewn the child sized bonnet for the girls and brought a straw hat for the boys, to put on the children I chose as helpers along the way.

It was such a fun experience- definitely worth dressing up for! And now there's a little more room in my linen cabinet...


Brad, Debbie, and K squared said...

Those bonnets and aprons are ADORABLE! I am always so amazed by people you can sew!

Charity Brown said...

I had NO idea you SEWED all of that stuff!!! And the dress... WOW! You're an incredible seamstress!! Not to mention the whole presentation you gave was adorable and so much fun! Thanks for doing such an awesome job!!

natalieandderyk said...

So fun! I am sure those kids will remember it for years to come. Great idea!

Whitehorn Family said...

they are so lucky to have you. I loved being a primary chorister.