Saturday, November 22, 2008

Adapting AZ Driving Survival

People who live in Arizona have probably heard about "ideas" that can make driving in the scorching heat more bearable...

NEVER get a black car
NEVER have leather seats
NEVER buy a convertable and leave the roof down
ALWAYS park in the shade, no matter how far from destination
When the Car overheats, do the Arizona 4/60... 4 windows down, 60 mph
Driving with oven mitts is genius

Now that it snows, I certainly wouldn't leave my convertible's top down... actually, I'd never even consider GETTING a convertible- it would never fit 4 car seats :P

Tonight I went with a couple friends to see the 10:20 showing of "Twilight", so I drove my sitter home at 1:00am. Luckily I found a great coat at Good Will for $4.00, but my hands were ACHING with the cold- it was about 22 degrees. I laughed out loud when the remedy I thought of first was, "Oooh, I should grab oven mitts!"

Never mind gloves.


Ashley and Spencer Bunn said...

i saw the midnight showing of the movie and I loved it what did you think of the movie?

Liz said...

$4.00 what a steal!
saw the movie too and enjoyed it, wished it wasn't so low budget but I still liked it. how about you?

Frozen Cacti said...

Ah, oven mitts. That is genius! Especially if they are fresh from a warm oven.