Monday, November 24, 2008

MY Twilight Post

Several weeks ago I finally succumed to that addiction that has swept the nation, and much of the world.


The books are, well, amazing. I hope somebody does some kind of research on why it appeals so much, not just to the swooning 14-year old's, but to pretty much every young mom who picks it up.

And despite the small demographic it specifically caters to (females ages 12-30ish), I saw a handful of women in line for the movie who had long left the "young mom" stage, just as eagerly anticipating the film as the 15-year olds behind us. There were also a nice number of guys, probably trying to prove just how deep their devotion is to their obsessive girl friends/wives.

I went with my visiting teachers to the 10:20pm showing (I think we'll count it as their visit this month, since we chatted in line for 1 1/2 hours). I'm really good friends with them. We were about 30 people from the front of the line. It was entertaining (and pathetic) watching the neurotic 13-year olds trying to cut in line and then lingering around us hoping to squeeze in. We formed a solid wall of bodies to block them. It was so funny :P

ANYWAYS, about the movie itself...

Personally, I enjoyed it. I didn't realize that until after I got home and thought it over. OF COURSE, as with any book-to-movie there were disappointements, some worse than others. Thankfully the audience wasn't screaming and swooning the whole time. I think I'd like to see it again, and take it in more as a movie than as a visual representation of the beloved book. There were some additions to the movie I LOVED, which was unexpected :)

Regardless of the movie, I still LOVE the books. I'm happy for the author that it's been such a tremendous success (she even made a cameo appearance in the movie!). I just hope she still makes her 3 boys earn their mission money on their own.


Kathey said...

I must admit it--I'm gonna take the plunge. I've been hearing about Twilight for eons. I had my name on the reserve list at the library for weeks and got down to #34 out of 56 names on the list. And then a friend of Betsey's brought over the whole set, so as soon as I'm through with my current library books…

Luann said...

I watched the movie last night and I liked it. I thought it was an entertaining movie, and I'm one who did not absolutely love Twilight when I first read it (personally I think Bella is a big wimp who's passion for Edward is completely over the top for a girl who is only 17). My biggest complaint about chick flicks is how inevitably the starring couple jumps in bed together after knowing each other for 5 minutes. I liked that the movie took the time to show them talking and getting to know each other so that their relationship was more believable.

Ben said...

I enjoyed the movie too, and I'm just thrilled that they are willing to create a movie based on the books, becuase the books themselves were very entertaining.