Monday, November 3, 2008

My Little Airman

Tonight at the dinner table Gregory suddenly burst into song. He was belting out the Air Force's song, "Into the Wild Blue Yonder."

We've sung it before, but this was a first solo for him! He sang it probably 1/2 a dozen times before everyone was done eating and I managed to get him on video. He wasn't quite as animated when he knew I was recording, but it still melts my heart anyways.

Yesterday he told me he built an Air Force base in his bedroom out of Lego's. My little Air Force brat!

I've included a Youtube video of the song being performed, in case you can't really follow all the lyrics from Gregory's performance. It's a nice arrangement. All the videos with cool graphics were actually set to the original Air Force fight song back when it was the Army Air Corp (a LOOONG time ago). The lyrics have been slightly modified since the Air Force was created as a separate branch of the military.

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Trish Olsen said...

my goodness thats amazing what a great job he did. what a big boy. Brekke has that shirt but in a different color :0 good ol walmart LOL