Wednesday, October 22, 2008

9 Weeks Along and 9 Weeks to Go

Yesterday marked my 9th week of pregnancy AND made it exactly 9 weeks until Fred gets home!

I spent a good chunk of the day baking Halloween cookies. Some are for Lars, the rest to door-bell ditch later that night. We had some little friends over to help. I had to keep getting on Gregory's case for treating the cookie dough like play dough. Kids.

We also baked cupcakes to deliver with the cookies. When I was a kid my very favorite treat to make was this cupcake recipe that you followed and then when they were cooled enough, you rolled up tiny messages and secretly stuck them in the cupcakes. I had no trouble finding cheesy Halloween riddles to print out and Gregory had a blast rolling them up and jamming them inside the cupcakes. We included a warning to "check your cupcake" before diving in.

When it came time to do the doorbell ditching, Gregory was put out that he didn't get to do it, but I promised him he'll get to do it next year when papa is here to help.

All in all, it was a fun day. Let's just say, I was ready to turn in shortly after the kids did, which is rare!

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John and Becky Bowler said...

Baking is fun. :) Those cupcakes look yummy!!!