Friday, October 10, 2008

A Foggy Morning

Wednesday morning I peeked out my bedroom window and could barely make out the house across the street. The whole area was blanketed in fog. I'm sure most readers will balk at the pictures, saying they've seen MUCH thicker fog, but it was still a neat effect.

It had already thinned out a bit by the time I snapped the pictures, but it stuck around for most of the morning.

This is the first true fall I've ever experienced and I absolutely love it. This area is simply beautiful.

Yesterday my GPS took me onto this rural road that cut across some countryside. The trees are all vibrant yellow, red, orange and some still green. Fields are either ripe for harvesting or just have been. I was driving through a wooded area and saw an awesome sight. Apparently I was passing an Amish farm. At least a dozen young people were gathered on bales of hay being instructed by an adult, all dressed like they'd just stepped out of the 18th century. SO cool.


Frozen Cacti said...

The fog does look cool...especially with the ghost floating in the tree!

Isn't it fun living in a part of the country that is so different from AZ!?!

John and Becky Bowler said...

How fun to actually have a fall. It's kinda cooling off here. :)