Sunday, October 12, 2008

Going for "Yard of the Month"

The people who manage the properties here choose a "Yard of the Month" each month. All I know is that if chosen, you get a sign out front of your house that says, "Yard of the Month". Maybe there's more... who knows.

I found this out last week when in a part of the neighborhood I don't usually see and I saw the sign. PROJECT TIME!

I already had some ideas for the yard, but now they were set in motion! With just a cheap bundle of wooden stakes, some nails, and using the decoarations I've used to imitate fall INSIDE my house for years, I threw together what you see.

I also found out from a neighbor that a farm down the road was selling bales of straw and bundles of corn husks (I was corrected by the farmer, "Corn SOCKS"... but I figure most people think they're husks) for $5 a piece. So we lined the back of the van with a tarp and picked up one of each.

The kids loved the farm. It wasn't one you'd go tour. Just a private farm. But they had some animals freely roaming, so the kids had fun trying to catch them. We had just gone to a huge commercial farm with a petting zoo, the previous weekend, so they figured this was the same.

It was getting dark as I finally plugged in the light strings. PERFECT!

Even if we don't get "Yard of the Month" I love how it turned out. We'll see if I figure out how to add some scarecrows to it.


Ashley and Spencer Bunn said...

that's so cute i wish I had a yard to decorate for the holidays

Yates Family said...

I am totally voting for you guys!!! (do we vote?) I will call you house in if we don't!! I am just loving your yard and want you to come help us out! Halloween is one of Jared's fav holidays but we can't see to get it together this year!!
I love it though!! I almost get in a car wreck everytime I drive by your place!!
Good JOb!!