Monday, October 27, 2008

How I Told Fred

To be honest, I didn't think I was pregnant before I took the test. In the past there were little clues that tipped me off, some bigger than others. But this time- NOTHING, besides being "late"... which wouldn't be too weird.

So when I took the test, more out of curiosity than hope, I was a little taken aback! Now I had to scramble to come up with some clever way to tell Fred! Considering that my husband was "in on" the fact that we were trying to conceive, I had to think really hard about how I could tell him creatively without him immediately catching on... Yes, I'm cheesy. Heck, how many times do you get to tell your husband he's going to be a dad for the 4th time?

We already had a babysitter lined up so I could take him out early for his birthday, since I wouldn't be able to take him out ON his birthday due to work. I ran to the base travel information office and grabbed a handful of brochures for various destinations like Disney World, Sea World, etc.

At home I made up my own.


When we got to the restaurant, we ordered and then had to wait. That was my opportunity!

I worked up to it casually, explaining that I had crunched some numbers and figured out that if we started saving now, we could surely do something really great for our 7th anniversary (also my due date). So I handed him one brochure at a time. He was genuinely excited, perusing each one thoughtfully.

I handed him my homemade one last. If you click on the pictures, you should be able to view them full-size. Basically, it was a tri-fold, the front 2 covers toted it like a resort, but I worded it carefully. I could tell he looked a little puzzled that I'd pick a brochure up that was so obviously less flashy compared to the others.

Inside is a picture of a hospital room. At first he tried to figure it out. Then it was exactly like I hoped it would be. His mouth dropped open, his eyes huge. He looked at me in excited disbelief. My eyes were already flooding... I'll blame the hormones. Finally he asked, "Are you... pregnant!?"

I could only grin and nod. He stretched across the table and gave me a kiss. Perfect. I was so light-headed with the excitement he was radiating. He admitted he had NO idea I was working up to THIS, and said it was the best thing he could imagine doing in May.