Saturday, October 4, 2008

A New Princess Couch and "Matching Blanket"

A friend from Charla's preschool was getting rid of her foam Princess fold-out couch, so we got lucky. Charla absolutely loves it, especially when the seat is unfolded like a bed. It's also in great shape! Leora loves it too, although she seems more drawn to it when Charla's using it. Figures.

Notice the gaudy ring? I love the Dollar Store. 10 rings for a buck! Now they are rings everywhere.

This morning I came in to see Charla happily lounging on her Princess couch. The surprise was what she was snuggling: the plastic tablecloth from her birthday party!! We never got to use it, so it was perfectly clean. It just cracked me up how perfectly content she looked, wrapped in a piece of Princess plastic.