Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I know this will sound bizarre, but Halloween has already come and gone for Ohio! Actually, they call it "Beggar's Night" here. Instead of everyone Trick-or-Treating on the night of October 31st, the area is divided and each is assigned a different night to "beg" for candy on the week of Halloween.

Us non-native Ohians are seriously puzzled by this. As we were going door to door in our neighborhood yesterday, I finally heard some theories. Supposedly, a LOOONG time ago, there was a big problem with hoodlums causing trouble on Halloween. In an attempt to deal with the problem and make the occasion safer for the young Trick-or-Treaters, it was decided to have various nights before Halloween designated for the treat gathering.

The second reason is that Ohians are SO passionate about football, they will do anything to make sure nothing will keep them from attending a game, even Halloween. I wouldn't be surprised if that reason is true.

Tuesday was our ward's Trunk-or-Treat, which I was in charge of. Unfortunately, I came down with the stomach flu, so I couldn't go, but freinds took Gregory and Charla for me, but I was SO disappointed not to go!

SO, we were assigned October 30th to go "begging". I bundled my kids up, sending Charla into a screaming fit when I forced a turtleneck under her Belle dress. It took a while, but she eventually let it go (about 1/2 hour later). I actually had Teletubby costumes for all three, but (who's really surprised?) at the last minute Charla maintained her "Princess" status and refused to be La-La.

We went with another family. Their girls match Gregory and Charla in age... it's so cute to see such great, little friends.

Leora was sedated by her juice cup for pretty much the whole thing. I didn't even bring her bucket along. Boy, I remember taking 1 1/2 month old Gregory Trick-or-Treating and definitely bringing his bucket!

By the end, the kids were losing steam fast.

They trudged up a few last driveways before calling it a night.

(the frustration of trying to pick up candy with Teletubby paws)

It was a great night! The kids got some great candy (and lots we won't be keeping). It was a relief to finally put them to bed! On to Christmas!!


Ashley and Spencer Bunn said...

What about Thanksgiving? LOL of course Charla had to be a princess.

Lisa McCook said...

Oh they are so cute. I love seeing little ones all dressed up!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha... my MIL just told me, too, about the whole scheduled trick-or-treating nights they have in Ohio (they live in Norwalk). I'm like... hmm... weird! Sounds like the kiddos had lots of fun, though! :)
Stomach-flu = no fun. It just rolled through here about a month ago for us! Joel-> Me -> Grandma-> Grandpa-> Uncle Dan.... yeah, that was not fun, but thankfully only 24-hour bug. Woo hoo.